"Creating connection is a human desire. However,

the most nurturing connection is with yourself".

You are a Trans-thought- creator. Use your power wisely!

Though Translator

You are a Trans-thought- creator with your ability to create
something physical out of a simple thought.

Imagine you are thinking a thought like: ” I am in the mood for a cup of tea” Your mind will send commands to produce this in the real world. It will guide your body to perform this task as you translate thought to action! This works great for a repetitive task, but the challenge might be when you are trying to move beyond your comfort zone.

Translating a thought into action

As you are the magic “Translator” you might need some training in the art of translating. Untrained you might translate the thought “Exercise keeps your body in good shape” to the action “staying longer in bed as I can’t get in shape anyway”
As with any language there as nuances and accents so everyone will speak the language slightly differently. If you were native to the country if might come naturally if you moved there in your late 20ties you might sound different.You might not be able to communicate as fluently as a native speaker.There are also different meanings for the same word and by making mistakes you will learn which words to use where.

Transferring this model into “Thought translation”

Imagine you would like to translate a thought like: “I am going to give a public speech this week”
Internally your mind would go and find information about public speaking – it will come up with feelings, words, emotions – and depending on what is your experience in this field, are you a native to this country of public speaking or are you new to this area?
If you are new to this experience, you can’t relate back or if you had a negative incident your mind will show you your default setting to new experience.
Your brain is there to protect your survival and it does not like unknown situation so it will fill in the blanks with your default native country.

How to check your default settings:

Write down the situation you are encountering: like – Public Speaking (needs to be short and concise) on a blank piece of paper. Wait for a moment up to 20-30 seconds and write down the first thought that comes to your mind.
Repeat again this process until you have done so 10 times. Sometimes your mind might be empty, just leave a blank space.
Afterwards, check the words you have written and reflect to see if you can find a theme e.g.- default setting – like fear of embarrassment, or it might be excitement to share information

Moving to another “thought default country”

Which thought country are you native to? Do you like it there or are you ready to move to a new area to discover yourself in a different light?
With some mental preparation, you can move out of your comfort zone.

Fear feedback loop

We avoid what we fear and fear what we avoid – it’s a feedback loop

This is one of the basic function of your brain – to keep you safe. For this reason, most of us instinctively shy away from new situations, people or tasks. Use your conscious thinking to create forward movement and calm your “scared” subconscious by checking with yourself if this fear is on the outside or comes from within.

What we resist persist

What we resist persist

Often, we take refuge in our current situation even if it is uncomfortable. It is what we know and we are “comfortably uncomfortable” in it.

This does create a holding pattern which some find hard to break out of.
If this sounds true for you find a way to disrupt the pattern and follow a new opportunity by noticing what is on offer and what you might have overlooked in the past.


What we focus on becomes bigger

This is true for our thoughts as well as for our emotions. Concentrate on what you are wanting to achieve, rather than what you are moving away from.

Ultimately to change your thinking and fear emotions by creating new ways for you to behave and feel. It’s is truly up to you to change your world by mindfully crafting your future self with new thoughts, emotions and actions loops.

If you like some more ideas on how to implement this in your life connect with me for a free 20 min session.

Note: If you find any spelling mistakes or grammatical error.  I ensure I do the best I can with English as a second language and having dyslexia and sometimes I can’t see the mistakes. I wanted this blog to be purely me without getting editing done – because I am happy to show you the real me!