"Creating connection is a human desire. However,

the most nurturing connection is with yourself".


Why I love my work!


Chantal A

"What attracted me to Iris's course was I thought it would be empowering to push me out of my comfort zone which it did.

What I will take away from the course is that I’m in charge of the direction of my life, being aware of your thoughts  and the fabulous ladies I met through the course.

The photo of me in the frame was an exercise to allow the buried emotion to come up. It’s showing my frustration of holding back when I want to speak up.

Taking the photo was a challenge but fun, we all had a laugh it definitely broke the ice. It was a good way of getting to know the other ladies as well and seeing we all have buried emotions.

At first, I was a bit reserved but Iris makes you feel very safe, secure and you find yourself wanting to open up. I really enjoyed the evenings and found myself looking forward to every night. I highly recommend it to anyone, go on do it! You have nothing lose!"

Mel R

Mel R

"Over a period of time I had read event posts on Facebook about courses that Iris was hosting.  I had friends and family attend her courses and I always wanted to join in but ‘life’ got in the way and it was never the right time.  Then Iris posted about the Emotional Confidence course and I looked at the dates and realised I could actually attend.  I must say I was quite scared to come to the first class.  I remember having bouts of butterflies during the day and thought of a million excuses as to why I couldn’t make the class however I reasoned with myself that it was only 2 hours of my life and if I still didn’t like it I would not continue.

I arrived and it felt like the first day at a new school but the ladies of the group were all so lovely and Iris is extremely approachable and I felt very safe.  I felt I could ‘let my guard down’ and nothing bad was going to happen.  No one was going to judge me and I walked out of that class feeling relaxed and wishing the days would pass quickly so I could go back.

I had lots of ‘lightbulb’ moments were Iris would explain something and I would be like “oh, that’s why I feel that way” or “that’s why I reacted that way” or even just having the reassurance that the ladies in the group felt the exact same way and I wasn’t alone.  These were definitely the highlight moments for me and I would have at least one a week but generally more.

I was eager to go home and put what I had learnt into practise with family and friends and noticing the positive change in myself and my life. 

I thoroughly recommend this course and encourage anyone who might be a little shy to take one bold step forward and Iris will be there to guide you through the rest.  She is a beautiful soul and a knowledgeable mentor."     

Hellen Russell

Helen Russell

COHS Prof & RN

"I had the good fortune to stumble on Iris's course 'Build your emotional confidence' at a time in my life where I was to be turning 50 soon and was really looking to put some focus on myself and get some direction for my 'second half of life'.

As I did not live in the town where the course was being conducted Iris accommodated me by including me on skype and doing several one on one mentoring sessions. I found Iris's mentoring extremely helpful in learning about myself and I gained many tools that help direct me in my life course.

I found Iris really listened to what I was saying and really tried to understand where I was coming from. As an adoptee I have tried to explain to many counsellors in the past this profound grief I have but nobody got it until I met Iris. She helped me understand how I have never been able to grieve the loss of my family as a baby and often masked this with false joy.  I have finally been able to grieve the loss of my adopted father (2 years ago) and am having really healing conversations with my birth mother because I understand my emotions more.

I have also set some amazing goals for the future that really excite me. Some of my goals have completely changed along the way, but that is okay because I feel confident in the tools that Iris has given me to check in with myself ensuring that I am true to my values and 'I always have my own back'.

I would highly recommend Iris as a personal mentor to anyone wishing to get some direction in life and who wants to love themselves more"


Sue G

"The Emotional Confidence course was something that I felt attracted to because I have always battled with this area in myself, the other reason I felt I could attend is because Iris has such a calming attitude and makes you feel at ease. There was never any pressure and everyone was individual in regards to what they were trying to improve in themselves. From the very first night I felt comfortable and looked forward to each session with enthusiasm. Iris has a natural caring talent to bring out the best in people and I would recommend attending her courses as she puts her whole heart into each session and you walk out feeling extremely refreshed and ready to make changes in yourself. Courses where you learn more yourself and can bring out more of what you feel inside has great rewards long term."


Laura V

"The course Iris ran was amazing, she puts in so much time and effort to make you feel welcomed and cared about, and her knowledge base, examples and stories were inspiring. Iris's workshops helped me learn to grow, nurture and care more about myself. I learnt tips that I incorporate into my day to make become more confident within myself. The course & meditation were the best parts of my week, some time to set aside for myself. Thanks Iris xx"


Lorraine K

"I have known Iris for several years and, in this time have attended two of her courses.  Also in this time, I have been an ongoing participant of her weekly mindfulness meditation.

Iris is a friendly, interactive mentor and has great interpersonal skills. Iris is very creative and is easily understood. Iris is a wonderful mentor helping you to understand your emotions better!"


Marie I

"Amazing is what I felt after one of Iris's workshops. Your mentoring has given me some positive ways to deal with overwhelming situations in my life. When I've been putting them into practice I've found it creates a whole different situation that’s wonderful. And the meditation is just what everyone needs."

Mairia M

Maria M

"Just completed the six-week group course on Emotional Confidence with Iris and a bunch of likeminded & encouraging ladies. Since then I am more aware of my reactions and becoming more of a responder than reactor thus improving my own relationship with myself & flowing on in a positive way to relationships with family, friends and work. Winning! Highly recommend."

Kelly T

Kelly T

"When I began my personal growth with Iris I was anticipating that I would realise my career and life purpose and therefore, be able to set goals for myself and become motivated and feel better about myself. With Iris’ insight and practical exercises, I gained a lot more from my sessions than I could have imagined.

 Iris has equipped me with coping strategies that help me throughout my day, I’ve learnt a lot more about myself and what my beliefs and strengths are, more than I would have learnt from reading a book and trying to do this on my own!

The changes that Iris has encouraged me to put in place are already changing my life for the better! Thank you Iris for guiding me and teaching me to take control of my life and helping me become more aware and motivated."

Kate Y

Kate Yates

"I meet Iris at the Goldfields women's retreat 2014, Iris delivered the evening meditation for the weekend and from that I was hooked....... on her voice.

As a life mentor Iris is very professional and organised, I felt valued, acknowledged and most importantly listened too.

My journey was genuinely hard and at times I wanting to cancel my appointments. Thankfully Iris was patient and flexible with my progress. Iris is very resourceful offering a variety of strategies to work through my road blocks. Her welcoming gentle nature, relieved any pressure throughout my session, allowing honest feedback throughout my session.

Thank you, Iris "I'm living my goals". You are just wonderful!"