"Creating connection is a human desire. However,

the most nurturing connection is with yourself".

One-on-one Confidence Mentoring


Clarity of beliefs and values


Skill to read and digest emotions


Ability to recognise and reframe thoughts

Emotional confidence is being able to lead a purposeful life on your own terms. It’s the certainty of knowing who you are and living in alignment with your values and beliefs. It’s having a natural trust in yourself and your abilities. It’s being resilient to enable you to walk your own path, independent of others approval.

One on one mentoring will help you to understand your inner dialogue and the emotional messages that might have led you into a repeating life pattern. You will comprehend the mental script you have created in your mind. You will gain awareness on how this has played out in your life. It’s a straight feedback loop.

The expected result is for you to be able to create your own future path, using intrinsic ongoing motivation. You will be ready to move on in your own journey once you understand and can implement this concept:

Initiating the “New You” is the reframing of your mindset and a surrendering of the “old self”.

Invest into your future self

Go on, take the first step. It will be fun, and I am a great travel partner in this life journey.

Discover Your Inner Life - 3 x 60 mins - $295

Plant the seed on your growth journey
3 x 60 mins private mentoring, either virtual or face to face

What you will gain:

  • Inspiring knowledge on how your mind influences your perspective in life;
  • Practical action steps on how to change your thinking to gain the motivation to move on from your crossroad;
  • Mindfulness awareness tools to reduce the impact of repeating patterns in your life; and
  • A unique affirmation that supports your further journey.
  • Get clear on where you are now so that you can lay a solid foundation for your growth and change.

We will begin by talking about your current life situation and some of the milestones in your life, discover what works or does not work for you right now. Do you have any negative repeating patterns in your life?

My compassionate nature encourages you to open up, knowing you are sharing in a safe space. I will guide you to make sense of past experiences, allowing you to release some of the weight and perceived burden which may be holding you back.

Design Your Life Path Journey - 6 x 60 mins - $495

Grow and Flower
6 × 60mins virtual or face to face meetings

What you will gain:

  • Support to walk your own path with confidence
  • An insight into your personal values and natural abilities
  • Motivation to be the “Director of Your Life”
  • Skills to change habits that are holding you back from moving forward
  • The support of a habit change worksheet and an accountability buddy;
  • A clearer plan on where your life is heading; and
  • Best of all, you will feel more confident to tread your own path.

Let me bring out your best asset – YOU – and let’s move you into the director’s chair of your life.

Designing your life path is a very personalised exploration in how you arrived at your current life situation. As your mentor and life travel guide, I will be able to identify some repeating patterns in your life journey. We will discover together how your thinking style has brought you to where you are right now. Once you have clarity on which repeating thought and actions are holding you in place, your real adventure will start.

I am a great listener, with an instinctual curious mind, which means you will receive a personalised experience and have tailored questions asked and answered, that will move you forward and help to build the confidence to tread your own path.

Bring awareness to your natural gifts and personal traits so you can deepen your relationship with yourself and others.

I will provide you with practical worksheets to help keep you focused and engaged.

Learn strategies on how to overcome resistance. We will create your intentions and set up strategies to overcome resistance. You will learn how your mind works and why it is so hard to make changes. We will do this in simple ways. I am naturally down to earth and practical, and love science based content, which means you will receive plenty of focused tools that you can apply to your day to day life.

Feel your mindful self-love increase your self-worth and decrease the need to compare and envy.

I have empathy, but also the strength to identify and let you know the unspoken emotion. I have learned to love and accept myself, which means you work with a motivated mentor who had experienced low self-belief and knows how to overcome it.

Build Your Emotional Confidence - 6 x 60mins - $695

Expand your growth
6 × 60mins virtual or face to face meetings (includes a 45-page printed workbook mailed to you)

These private sessions will give you tools to discover more about your inner world and will give you the freedom to express yourself with confidence.

What you will gain:

  • A heightened self-awareness and an abundance of self-respect;
  • A deeper understanding of how the mind works and how to become more mindful;
  • Enhanced self-esteem by feeling more emotionally security from within;
  • A calmer, happier and more content life, despite what is happening around you;
  • Practical tools to incorporate into your day to day life;
  • A true feeling of self- empowerment;
  • Incentive to use the power of neuroplasticity; and
  • Intrinsic motivation to align your lifestyle with your values.

At the end of the sessions you will have:

Your journey itinerary:

Week 1: Become Aware of How You Think – The Brain, The Mind and You!

Week 2: Emotions Drive Your Life – Are You in the Driver’s Seat?

Week 3: Your Inner Self-Belief – Guides Your Actions in Your Life

Week 4: Change Yourself – From the Inside Out!

Week 5: Know What You Can Control – Learn to Create Boundaries 

Week 6: Stop Drifting – Create Your Life


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