"Creating connection is a human desire. However,

the most nurturing connection is with yourself".

Build Your Emotional Confidence

It’s time to shine from the inside out, so you won’t depend on others to light you up.

Stained glass tree

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.' Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

I believe you are courageous and are willing to make your own decisions. Participating in this course will give you tools to be able to deal with overwhelming emotions.

I've created this course to nurture and inspire you to find your inner spark again. Discover or regain the confidence to express yourself assertively.

Learn to reframe your thoughts and create your future self.

Ready for more Self-Acceptance?

Participating in this course will give you tools to discover more about your inner world.

Joining a group has the added benefit that you meet and get to know other ladies that are in a similar situation. You will be allocated a “Mind Mate” to share your journey, and they will want to see you succeed. They are likely following a similar journey and can be held accountable by you. This relationship is very encouraging, and mutually beneficial.

What you will gain:

  • A heightened self-awareness and an abundance of self-love;
  • A deeper understanding of how the mind works and how to become more mindful;
  • Enhance your self-esteem by feeling more emotionally secure from within;
  • A calmer, happier and more content life, despite what is happening around you;
  • Knowledge and practical tools to incorporate into your day to day life;
  • A feeling of self-empowerment;
  • Motivation to align your lifestyle with your values; and
  • Be able to use the power of neuroplasticity.

What will be waiting for you:

  • 2-hour weekly group sessions;
  • 45-page personal workbook;
  • Access to our private Facebook group;
  • 75-minute private mentoring session as part of the course;
  • Light refreshments and drinks during the sessions; and
  • Small group setting (max 9 people)

Furthermore, you will receive some bonuses when you sign up:

  • 2 Mindfulness Meditation vouchers; and
  • "What do you value?" workbook.

Your investment:

  • Your time and mental energy; and
  • Your monetary Investment: $325

(please contact me if you like to work out a payment plan).

Note: I choose to create separate groups for men and women. My past experiences and discussions have shown me that this will facilitate a stronger connection within the group. The material is slightly different for each group.

This course will be facilitated by Iris Haynes


Get in touch via the contact form below. I am happy answer any questions you might have about the mentoring packages or courses or my work overall.

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