"Creating connection is a human desire. However,

the most nurturing connection is with yourself".

3 reasons why building Emotional Confidence will enhance your life experiences

What is Emotional Confidence?

Emotional Confidence is the conscious ability to master:

• Clarity in self-awareness;
• Skilfulness to recognise the messages of emotions; and
• Ability to perceive and reframe thoughts to create a chosen outcome.

The benefits are a greater capacity to develop meaningful relationships with others and increased resilience to manage one’s own emotions in the face of adversity.

This is a personal journey only you can initiate.
It starts with mindful self-awareness, where you get to know yourself by spending time being present within yourself.


Reason 1: The more you know yourself, the easier it is to love yourself!

The business of life you create, or the buffering with eating, watching TV, drinks or drugs is often a behaviour to avoid feeling your emotions.

If you feel like a stranger in your own body, you might sense fear and have doubt in your natural abilities – as evolution taught us to fear the unknown.

Experiencing how well your body and brain work together is a miracle.

It is a well attuned partnership that keeps the human race alive, and its only fault is that it is an old union of over 200,000 years.

When you compare this with the pace of our society and how quickly technology changes, it is no wonder that your brain and body connection has a difficult time to adjust

Can you believe that around 150 years ago, we had only just worked out how to provide electric lights for our houses?

It’s hardly surprising that we struggle to decipher the messages of feelings and emotions in order to keep us safe.  The good old flight, fight or freeze responses have not yet adapted to our current lifestyle.

You need to actively learn to recognise the meaning of your emotions, make sense of them in your current situation and make decisions on how to govern your emotions.


Reason 2: Grow into emotional adulthood

If you don’t grow into emotional adulthood, your emotions will fall back to their old ways and encourage you to keep still, avoid challenges and not expend too much energy – you would be as natural as a couch potato.

Growing into emotional adulthood will allow the creation of inner motivation, as you are able to create emotions that drive you forward and build resilience to face setbacks.

Once you understand yourself better, you will naturally start to notice emotions in others, giving you a strong base to create meaningful social relationships.

This is a journey which can be taken at any age. Our body grows into adulthood by default, however the journey from emotional childhood to emotional maturity is one you have to make by choice.

Walking on the path from emotional childhood to emotional maturity is simply ceasing to outsource your emotions onto others. Being emotionally mature is to take responsibility for your own feeling and emotions.


Reason 3: Walk your own path

This is easier read than lived! However, once you master this concept, you will be free to express your own emotions without fear.

Emotions are created in your body as a response to what you feel in your mind or with your senses (hearing, touching, seeing, etc.) They are your brain's way of sending messages to your body about how to act about what is happening. The amazing factor is that this is true for both real and imagined observations. Your brain can not distinguish the difference.

To be emotionally confident does not mean your life is without challenges.  However, it enables you to be more resilient towards the ups and downs you will encounter.

Emotional Confidence is central to creating your unique life journey.

It supports you to walk your own path, which can lead you anywhere you dream of going.

Worth doing, isn’t it?

With loving kindness,

Iris Haynes